Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Bitching Hour

You guys.

I hate American Horror Story. Hate it. But season three's opening?

How did they film the inside of my brain?! My every day is scored by people who've been on NIN albums!

That being said, there's more than just American Shit Story's take on witches hitting the small screen this year. YouTube, seeing the crap I've watched, helpfully told me, "you may also enjoy... The Witches of East End."

No, YouTube. I don't think I will. Except in the way that I'll totally watch it because they cancelled that other witch show I was hate-watching. And it's on Lifetime. Have you ever watched a Lifetime movie?!  This is amazing shit right here.

(YouTube also frequently recommends me things like 'BABY MERMAID BIRTH CONFIRMED' or 'They Live in Trees! Skunk Ape Documentary' alongside shows on serial killers. Also 'Say Yes to the Dress.' So it is not to be trusted.)

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