Monday, October 14, 2013

Mistress of the Dork

So, as you may already know, Elvira is one of my personal heroes. Last year I had enough hair to do a decent approximation of her look, but of course I have short hair now and that is not an option. So when I decided to be a bit lazy this year and do Elvira for Halloween again, I had to go out and buy a wig.

Naturally, I could not find a single Elvira wig in Vancouver. While at the new Target in PoCo I found a 'bouffant' wig for twelve bucks that I figured I could put together with another long black one I had leftover from last year's Abracadaver. No problem, right?

Yeeeeeeeeeah, no. 

Now, for twelve bucks I wasn't expecting much, but this wig was THE mankiest goddamn thing I have ever seen, and looked absolutely nothing like the box picture. Worse, as soon as I started to try and examine the damn thing it basically unravelled. 

Undaunted, I attacked the fucking thing with scissors, rubber bands, a needle and thread, and bourbon. Eventually I tamed Sir Manks-A-Lot into a puffy base, upon which I could put the better quality long black wig. Here are fake!instagram pictures of the result. 

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