Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yeah, take that, Pinterest.

Working in animation means that you sit at a desk all day, and that desk is always directly next to another desk and another and another... Picture IKEA tables in rows, each with a computer tower, a monitor, and (if you're lucky, which I am) a cintique. There's not a lot of space, and most people bring in things to put on top of the computer towers to make their tiny space a bit more theirs.

I really wanted a plant on my desk, but we get absolutely no natural light where we sit and I also want to be mindful of people's potential allergies. So I hit google, and google popped up this article on Lifehacker about moss terrariums.

"Moss!" I said. "Moss is free! I live in Vancouver, moss is fucking everywhere!"

So I took some moss and stuffed it into a mason jar ($2.23) and, because I'm a hippy, tossed a quartz crystal point in there and BAM. Terrarium for less than the price of a latte.

I'm going to put it on top of my computer tower tomorrow. AND LET THE EARTH ENERGY FLOW OR SOME SHIT.

I actually think I'll try this again with, you know, more effort.

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