Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"All wickedness is but little to the wickedness of a woman."

Sometimes I think I incarnated as a woman just to make shit more challening.

I am fortunate - I may have grown up poor, but I currently am employed and have a home and food. I'm Caucasian, able-bodied, and heterosexual, and there is privilege in all of those things. But for all of those advantages I'm still stuck in a meatsack that is subject to a terrifying level of hatred for no good reason.

We live in a society that is deeply ill. I was reading an article about the genre of revenge porn, and the author discussed women whose ex boyfriends had posted not only sex tapes or nude photos, but also their real names and addresses to the internet. These women got a ton of creepy shit, obviously, but they also had a startling amount of anger directed at them. From strangers. Their sex life made strangers who had jerked off to it upset enough to hunt them down and tell them. What?

About your confused dick, I mean.
While a modern pagan tearfully encouraging us to "remember the burning times!" makes me throw up in my mouth a little, it is impossible for me to look at something like the Malleus Maleficarum and not want to go, "yeah, not a whole fuck of a lot has changed..." when it comes to gender issues. It's depressing, and more than that it's baffling.

I do not understand how so many men can hate women that much. It does not compute.

Women are objects. Women are weak. Women are dangerous. Evil succubi and hysterical fools. It's almost like a long time ago some old dudes with erectile issues decided that one gender was responsible for their lack of boners, and so decreed that anything female should be reduced to a series of parts that only have value if a man says so. And for some stupid reason we let that sickness rot in our society for, oh, a good several hundred years. It's 2014, and just saying "hey this is bullshit" is enough to get a terrifyingly large percentage of half the species angry. And when they throw their tantrum, they unfortunately use the same tactics that have worked for years and years: intimidation, ridicule, and in extreme cases physical violence.

So. When I realise I can't go jogging because I stayed too late at work and now it's too dark and potentially rapey, when I read magical theory that relegates the 'female' energies to passive roles, and when I see a group of men dismiss a woman by labelling her as crazy or oversensitive... I try to remind myself that these are symptoms of a cultural sickness. As unfair as it is, simply bitching won't help. I need to remember to DO shit, and in a way isn't it good to have the tougher road? Makes you learn more! I mean, I could have been born as Justin Bieber or one of those Rich Kids of Instagram, but then what fucking spiritual lessons would I learn then, huh?

On the other hand, maybe the Men's Rights guys and those German monks who wrote the Malleus are right and I really AM a weak willed, sinful creature who wants to steal penises and fuck the devil and eat babies. In which case...


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