Saturday, March 1, 2014


Well hello, internets! Have you missed me? I've missed you! My internetting for the past two weeks has mostly consisted of staring glassy-eyed at Tumblr in the half hour or so between work and bed. It's been an awful lot of overtime at the office, you see, and consequently I've done a whole lot of nothing. I'd not cooked nor cleaned nor run, and was feeling worse for it.

Today, however, I managed to haul my ass out for a jog and unfuck my habitat. My costumes for tonight's Tarantino show at the Rio Theatre are laid out, so all that remains to do is relax and then get all dolled up. I'm excited for the show, and not as nervous as I usually am. Partially this is because we've done the show once before, and partially it's because I seem to have attained a new comfort level. The last Tarantino show was a big deal to me personally, and last week's Taboo was the first time I have preformed and been one-hundred percent happy with how the number went.

Once I have another coffee, I think I'll be damn near blissful.

In other news, anybody who reads this blog should wander on over to the Indieagogo page for A Gift for Amelia. Contribute if you can, and pimp the hell out of the page regardless. I really want to see this project come to fruition. (Also Shawna might get to be in it, so there's an added bonus.)

Lots more I want to ramble about, but that's all for now.

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