Friday, August 3, 2012

O Fortuna

All good things must come to and end.

This Tuesday, July 31, marked the last day that my mother's shop The Sacred Well was open for business. There are multiple reasons for the closing, most of which I am not comfortable discussing on the blog just yet, and it was a sad day for my mother, my sister, my aunts and myself.

I was there for the start of the Sacred Well, so it was only fitting I be there for the end. I went out to Chilliwack, and stayed for a few days to help my mother close up the store. There were things left unsold, of course, which means when I did come home I came back with a lot of goodies. I grabbed a bunch of books, some good some not so good, and I plan to eventually review them all here.

Before I went out to the Valley, I asked my mother if she could call my cousin's husband Spencer and see if there was any way he could fit me in for an appointment. He does tattoos, you see, and by a stroke of luck he'd had a cancellation. And so on Wednesday morning I went to Captain's Tattoo and had some work done.

This is the first piece I've had done that has any colour.  The figure is the Fortune card from the Gypsy Oracle Deck, and I have to say Spencer did a damn fine job. The boy has a light touch, and the few hours I spent on his table were actually very pleasant.

Tonight I'm just sitting around watching the old Aeon Flux cartoon and altering a dress. I'm also stretching some shoes. See, I found a pair of wedges that I bought a while back and found too small. Voodoo, meanwhile, finds them a bit too big, and so they sit in the closet, unworn. But there's a trick that may salvage them.

You put on a pair of socks, then your shoes. You then blast all the tight places of your shoes with a hairdryer, then leave them on for a while to cool. Repeat again if needed.

Of course, you look like a total idiot when you do this...

 But what the fuck ever, your shoes will fit!

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  1. Dude that sucks! I'm sorry to hear about your Mom's shop. :(