Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stink Pretty.

Our order from BPAL came!

We bought a bottle of Miskatonic University, because it's our favourite, and Voodoo. We had to get the Voodoo one for Voodoo, because... durr, it's her name. I have the Mommy Fortuna one for the same reason. (Yes, my stripper name comes form The Last Unicorn.)

We got imp's ears of Dee, Jack, Elegba, the Witches Garden, Hellcat, and Herbert West. A lot of these are from the 'Bewitching Brews' collection. Jack is the perfect October scent: it's pumpkin and spice. Dee is named after John Dee, and it smells about how you'd expect.

They gave us a whole pile of free imps too: Oleander Honey, Iago, Kali, Prunella, Nanshee, Ekhinda, Antony, and French Love. The latter two aren't really our speed, so I'm going to give them away to someone who likes them.

BPAL oils are fabulous. They generally do smell like the descriptions, and they last for ages since you only need a dab. I think of them as magic oils, I really do. It's the final step before I go out the door - what am I going to smell like? It sets the tone!

There's a chapter in the Satanic Witch that's all about picking perfumes your target likes over what you like... and fuck that noise, unless you're deliberately trying to woo someone. Sometimes I want to smell like a dead magician, dammit!
My stank doth be Enochian, bitch.

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