Sunday, August 26, 2012

Designer Vag

The Perfect Vagina: a documentary on the growing trend of plastic surgery on your cooch. I warn you, this is horrifying - you see a 21-year-old girl go under the knife.

You're going to want to beat the shit out of a lot of guys they talk to. (But I am sort of love in with the mulleted guy in the park who is all, "I have never not liked a vagina!" though.)

The woman who makes people "talk for their vagina" sort of makes me facepalm. But you know, if it helps people not hack up their ladybits for cosmetic purposes? Go for it.It's honestly depressing how many of the women in this film just think their genitals are hideous. Like, I'm sorry, ALL genitals are kind of weird looking, male and female.

...don't read the comments on the page, either. Fuck me, people are stupid.

And so continues my week of depressing documentaries! Also watched: the suicide forest of Japan, several horrible drug docs, and one on "England's Jersey Shore."


  1. THANK you. All genitals are weird looking. Those ultra critical boys need to back the hell up and be grateful that a lady is willing to show off her Graal Chapel to them!

    No compromise ladies! If a man wants you to get surgery to fix something that ain't broke, you just find a new boy! There are plenty out there.

    Apparently, I figure all of Ladyhood reads this blog by the above proclamation. Apologies ;)

    1. Hah! But seriously, I agree. If it's not good enough for the dude? (Or lady, whatevs) DTMFA.

  2. On further reflection, it occured to me, that maybe those boys have never seen an actual vagina before.

    Fella's calm down. The vagina is a beautiful thing, however it is singular. You compare other things to it. Much like your penis.

    So sit back, say thank you, and get on with being a functioning mammal.