Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

I had to cut through the mall on my way home today. MADHOUSE. I cannot imagine staying to shop there. instead I went to fourth ave, because Miz Mooz was having a sale.
What? I needed good quality black heels. And because it was BOGO-half-off, the black heels wound up costing like $45. The original price is $140. The grey booties I almost didn't get - there was a pair of black ones that were also very cute - but considering that my wardrobe is mostly black already, I thought they might add a bit of variety.

And both are omg comfy. I love Miz Mooz shoes - the two sets of heels I bought from them in the past have lasted years, and their boots always seem to carry me through a few seasons of salt and slush and grossness even though I live in them and don't treat them nicely. So I think it was worth it.

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