Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wake me up. Before you go-go.

Having survived the longest night, we find ourselves blinking in the newest dawn.

I, personally, have spent three days in bed. This is entirely my own fault, as I was determined to use the free drink tickets provided at my staff Christmas party despite the telltale signs of a cold sinking into my body. Turns out liquor does not actually fight disease, it merely shitkicks your already exhausted immune system. Was it really worth it for a few bucks worth of gin? Survey says no, but we cannot take back the past.

Consequently my Solstice plans got a little jacked - I could barely stay awake for longer than three hours at a time, let alone stay up all night. Leaving a flame lit against the darkness while drooling all over my pillow also seemed ill advised; I settled for my electric fireplace. (Which is exactly one step up from this.)

I was initially was feeling a bit like I'd missed the party, but sometime after my afternoon nap I decided that rather than mourn the misspent spooky evening, I could instead focus on the whole new day thing.

Which is an interesting thing to try and do when you wake up at 4:30 PM and it's dark out. Well. Whatever.

The holidays are a pain in the ass more often than not, because even if you're having fun they tend to play merry hell with your routine. I've already lost almost a week of my new exercise regime due to the cold from hell, as well as valuable choreography time, and this week I'll be thrown off by Christmas. I was getting ready to be all whiny about it, but then I figured I should just say "oh well" and start again, pushing forward as best I can without beating myself up about it.

We lose a lot of time self-flagellating. "I was doing so good but then X happened and blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaah." I'm not sure why, exactly, unless it's to shift responsibility so that we feel less guilt. Whatever the reason, I find it offers an excuse to procrastinate just a little bit more, because it's an excuse everyone relates to.

Today is the afterparty to the Winter Solstice. Tired, hungover, we look to the East and remind ourselves that oh fuck we have to start over tomorrow.

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