Sunday, September 8, 2013

Must be hard to get pizza delivered...

Growing up, my dad was a computer nerd. This meant we were one of the few families to own a computer before it was the norm - we had a Commodore 64, and more important to my sister and I, we later had an Amiga.

The Amiga was for games. Games where you had to type in instructions, or point and click, and maybe once in a while use the world's shittiest joystick to control a few pixels that were supposed to be a car.  I loved several Sierra game titles, like Space Quest and Police Quest, but the best game of all time as far as I was concerned was Uninvited.

The most terrifying screen of my childhood.

Also released for the Nintendo apparently, Uninvited had you losing your dumb kid brother after a car crash. Obviously he's inside the spooky old mansion you've crashed by. The mansion was huge and lush (well, at least by graphic standards at the time) and filled with ghosts, demons, and puzzles.

Oh, the puzzles.

Back then, I don't think game programmers gave two shits if you EVER beat their game.  Police Quest was written by a former cop, so god help you if you tried to pull a gun on some bikers without first using your nightstick. You would get your ass killed by not following proper police procedure. ...I was like, nine? I HAD NO IDEA. Anyway, Uninvited also gave no fucks - there were pretty much zero hints on how to solve shit, and even as an adult when I tracked down a copy to replay? I had to cheat. I have no dignity.


In the spirit of Uninvited, I present to you an online game that is quite reminiscent of it: Malstrums Mansion.

Leading up to Halloween I hope to post more low-budget horror games that don't blow. In the meanwhile, enjoy PewdiePie playing Outlast. (I love it when he gets so scared he sings. :3)

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  1. I love pewds. oh, and thanks for the link, I will spend too much time playing it.