Sunday, January 13, 2013

West End Girls

A while back, I did a little sigil shoaling. One of em came through today: a new apartment that I can afford in the West End.

The best part? My sister's going to be my neighbour.

Voodoo and I have been talking about moving lately, because we're fed up with our landlord's insane wife, and the fact that there has been construction on the building the entire time we've been living here. (Which is nearly two years by now, I think.) We had originally been trying to get a two bedroom in the same building as our friend Sweet Pea McGee, because she and her boyfriend have the most amazing apartment. Sadly we never heard back from the landlord, and so we started looking at other options.

My sister and I have lived together a long time, and we were seriously considering each getting our own space. Our dream was to get different apartments in the same building.

Last week we went to check out a bachelor just off Davie street. It was cramped and with a roll-out bed, which I may have found funky in my twenties but now? Fuck that. Because we were early for the viewing, we took a stroll around and I pointed out a lovely older building covered in ivy with a 'for rent' sign out front. There was a one bedroom available immediately. So Voodoo set up a viewing for herself today.

Can you guess where this is going?

A second apartment is opening up Feb. 1. So my sister will live up on the third floor, and I will live on the first. The bedrooms are very small, but the building is from the 40s and has all the original hardwood. Also? Fireplaces. Not wood burning ones, but still. They are absolutely beautiful. This is going to be my living room.

So. All the comfort and convenience of having your best friend on site without any of the "goddammit, Voodoo, stop leaving your socks everywhere!" bullshit.

The landlord also seems like the coolest dude ever. He's a retired firefighter, and he told us stories about weird tenants past that included Satanists ("great tenants, though!") and people who owned snakes, and others who had a four-foot lizard. Which means we will in no way be the weirdest renters, which is oddly comforting.

Very exciting. Although of course now I'm spending hours on Apartment Therapy...


  1. Awesome. After reading this, I'm already setting up a shoal of my own - here's hoping it works as well as yours!

    1. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

      Once I get settled I really will mail you your books, btw.