Thursday, November 15, 2012

Waxin bees.

Did you know that if you drink nothing but like, six cups of Secret Weapon tea and you haven't eaten for hours, you will pee a ton of colourless liquid?

You know what I fuckin love?

Candles. I am one of those assholes who, if you go over to their house, will ignore the fact that electricity has been invented in the name of ambience. This is yet another reason to hate summer, because having a room full of beautiful burning things just makes everything sweatier.

Thanks to my mom, I own enough Coventry candles that I may be able to bequeath some to people when I die. Lots of them are the Motor City Hoodoo line, which I consider 'working' candles. This leaves me with six of the Witches Brew line to burn purely for scent. And I do. Because it's niiiiiiice.

The only candles I love more that nice smelly ones are beeswax candles.

Recently, my friend Sweet Pea invited my sister and I to this craft fair shizz going on out at the Croatian Cultural Centre. There were many owls and moustaches. But there was also this crunchy looking dude selling beeswax candles for the Arbutus Candle Company.

Now, to give you some context as to why I wound up very excited about this... for some fucked-up reason, I can never seem to find beeswax candles here in East Van. This makes ZERO sense, considering how many bloody hippies and free spirits and hipsters live on this side of town. You'd think one of the five zillion ultra organic co-op grocers and hemp shops or whatever around here would have them, but nooooooooo. So, if I want them? I have to haul my ass across the city to Banyen Books and stock up.

SO. This crunchy dude is sitting there, and I check his prices and proceed to nearly wet myself. Dude was selling twelve inch tapers for less money that Banyen sells ones HALF that size for. Mind blooooooooooown. I bought a few different sizes and went on my merry way. I grabbed one of his cards too - obviously, since I linked that shit up there. My poor diseased brain would not have remembered the name of the company on its own.

I have one of the mega-tapers burning right now, and it is ever so lovely. The smell of beeswax makes me feel all warm and happy. It's like a hug! From bees!

I used one of the wee ones for a spell candle, and I must say the beeswax seems to pick up powder better than just plain ol' dollar store wax ones. HUZZAH!

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