Friday, November 23, 2012


I've found my new holiday nail colour! Not that you care, but I'm excited!

'The World Is Not Enough' from the OPI Skyfall collection.

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeee?  I've used it for a half-moon manicure as is my norm.

In other news... Spent a few days in Chilliwack at my mom's. She's currently in China (due back tomorrow) and so my sibling and I used her house as a sort of getaway from the city and a place to decompress from the fun and drama of October.

What's extra nice about my mom's place is that there's enough witch supplies there that you don't have to pack any of your own. And she has a back yard! Weather permitting, you can burn shit and dance around like a loon provided you don't care about the neighbours.

There's also a fairly decent little trail nearby that follows along a creek. The last day we were there I took a walk along it. Now, I've lived in British Columbia my whole life aside from about half a year in Dublin, Ireland, and so for me a natural constant has been rainy forests. Growing up in Rossland, we'd take the dog for walks up the mountain trails. In Vancouver, there's Stanley Park and some of the other natural areas around town. So walking along in the Wack was familiar - mossy ground, cedars and birch, juniper and larch, ferns and mushrooms. It's what I've always known. Sometimes I'll be reading something, and there will be descriptions of nature included, but they very often seem to be of the midwest. Basically, it never sounds wet enough. But, you know, here we don't have seasons so much as we have ten months of rain (and maybe some slush when it's cold) and two of some sun.

(I once heard a comedian on Just For Laughs who went on about Canadian winters and then added that you always have that one asshole friend from Vancouver who calls you up in December all, "yeah, it was pretty cold, I had to put on a sweater to go check on my herb garden..." I AM THAT ASSHOLE.)

Anyway, as nice as it was it's even nicer to be back somewhere where the corner store doesn't close at 9 PM and the buses run more than once an hour and don't detour through farmland.

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