Tuesday, February 3, 2015

So adorable.

And now, a moment of petty bullshit.

What the Jesus Flying Fuckery is up with visual artists who don't care about fashion or decor? Visual artists. You create beautiful things! Why don't you want beauty all around you at every moment? I know you understand colour theory, you have no excuse!

My friend Amanda says it's because nerds only interact with other nerds, and therefore have never heard a dissenting opinion regarding their questionable aesthetic choices. She may have a point. I may also just be a colossal bitch (okay, I am a colossal bitch, whatever) and I should just learn to relax and accept that for some people, being surrounded by tokens of their hobbies and interests is amazingly comforting and makes them feel at home.

Even if their couch is objectively hideous.

(This applies to both genders, incidentally. Your balls do not stop me from judging you for wearing the same gross hoodie for four days in a row, or for living in what looks to be a college dorm when you're 35.)

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