Sunday, February 2, 2014


So, I can talk about this now. The other week my sister had to go to the breast clinic for a mammogram and ultrasound because her GP found a lump in her right breast. Unfortunately, because her breast tissue is so dense, they had to do a biopsy last week.

We kept it fairly on the down-low. but yesterday we got the results back.

Good news: it's not cancer.

Bad news: they don't know what it is, and she needs to have surgery to remove the mass.

My sister is understandably upset. We both cried a lot; we were scared but relieved at the same time. She has a meeting with the surgeon on Wednesday, so we'll know more about what has to happen then, but in the meantime we're trying to hang tough. Shawna deals with stress by being social, and I deal by hiding the fuck away, so she'll try and stay busy and I'll jog and write a lot.

Also maybe some of this.
My sister and I are extraordinarily close. It's difficult to explain in words how strong the bond is between us, and the closest we can usually come is to reference pop culture: all the sets of sisters in Practical Magic? That's us. Ginger and Bridgette in Ginger Snaps? Us again. Jesus Christ, even the hair colours are the same.

There are people who are and always will be a part of your soul. When they are threatened or hurt it makes you sick. The only thing to do in those situations is to be a motherfucking rock.