Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Love That Lovecraft: Part Two is up!

In other very exciting news... I have a date for breast reduction surgery: July 24. I've basically been counting all the things I'll be able to do in a month... go bra shopping at more than ONE store, buy an actual sports bra that might WORK, jog, do yoga without occasionally suffocating myself, do dance moves that require your arm go across your chest smoothly, find shirts that fit, be able to do up my own corsets because I can actually SEE the hooks, see my fucking feet when I look down, sleep in different positions without pain, not look like a drinky-bird at my desk because I'm constantly dipping forward, not want to bitchslap people who say 'going braless is better for you' quite as hard, have pasties that don't double as small hats...

Am I scared of surgery? Fuck yes! Will it probably scar? Fuck yes! Do I give a shit about either of these things? FUCK NO. Hell, if scars super bad I'll tattoo the mothers.


  1. Congrats on the surgery! Fingers crossed that goes smoothly for you. When I had mine reduced it left a mofo of a scar- but then I was on a bazillion meds that totally messed up the healing process. But now you can't even tell. Good luck!

    And, as usual, your podcast made me choke on my food - which is my own fault since I should better by now to not eat and listen at the same time. :P

    1. If it scars, I'm changing my stage name to FrankenTits.

      :D My personal favourite was Quast nearly setting himself on fire.

  2. Good luck with that! Take lots of pictures pre for the mammories...I mean memories.