Thursday, April 4, 2013

G is for Getting at the Root (Goalmaking 2.0)

The first part of crafting a spell is to articulate your goal. Simple, right? "I want money." But if you do magic regularly, you begin to understand that there are larger patterns in your life and that the goal you're choosing may not be the right one.

To continue with our money example... if you're forever doing emergency money magic, you should probably examine why that is. Maybe your job pays for shit. Maybe you overspend. Maybe your cocaine addiction is getting out of hand. All of these reasons present us with new options, both mundane and magical. If your job pays poorly, perhaps it's time to either look for a new job or get a promotion. Overspending? Besides cutting up your credit card, you might work with some Money Stay With Me products. Cocaine? Well. You should probably just go on Intervention for that one.

Discovering underlying issues and refining your intent means better results.

By stopping to examine our overarching needs rather than simply the immediate, we not only increase our chances for success magically, but we also work towards a more fulfilling life. The problem then lies in identifying what those deeper needs are so that you can adjust tactics accordingly.

Probably the most obvious thing to do is to look back and see what kind of magic you're doing over and over again. If there's a trend there, you can begin to look at the reason for it. Sometimes, as in our money example, there's a pretty straightforward reason for the recurring problems. Unfortunately, it's not always so simple - what if the reason you're forever doing the same shit over and over is an internal issue?

Learning your own internal workings isn't easy, and is sort of a lifelong endeavour.I'm not a shrink, and I'm not a guru, so I can't offer any surefire method for getting to the point where you understand yourself perfectly. But I cna offer a few starting places, anyway.

One? Ask a good friend. Someone who is close to you and who you trust, but who will not lie to you. This method can hurt, but there's also not likely to be a lot of self deception involved.

Two? Divination. Often people fall into the trap of thinking that divination is solely for predicting outcomes or potential futures. While that's certainly one use, you can use your system of choice to figure your shit out.

I like tarot - I've been studying it for sixteen years, and so I'm quite familiar with it. Because I've been working with it so long, I've had time to learn some of its more esoteric aspects, and this means that when it comes to self work it is my weapon of choice.  Generally I'll start with something simple - either a general overview spread, or a flat out "what the fuck is my problem?" one-card draw. From there, other spreads can be used to narrow things down, and then to start formulating a plan.

I firmly believe that if you work with magic frequently, you begin to alter yourself as much as the world around you. I believe that this happens even if you do almost exclusively low magic - it's a byproduct of even the most practical workings done over time. Perception shifts, morality is questioned, and the self is discovered even if it is never directly contemplated.

So. What are your deeper needs? Maybe it's time to find out.

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