Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moonlight Desires

Just got back from the Taboo Revue, showered off the sweat and the glitter, and am now eating a bagel.

Voodoo and I preformed our geek number tonight. I'm the geek, she's a dove, and I rip her throat out at the end. It's fun times! It went over well, and I managed not to choke on my blood capsule.

One of our longtime Screaming Chicken volunteers, Karen, was chatting to me at intermission and she had some very kind words to say to me, that basically boiled down to "we can really tell you've been working on choreography." That honestly made my whole night, because I have been working on becoming a better dancer.

I have three numbers - not counting the giant Satan orgy group - planned for October. I'm doing a solo for Monster Bop, I want to pitch an Elvira tribute number for the Taboo, and I've been given the okay to do a solo for AbraCadaver. I want to do just an awesome job on all of them, and part of that means devoting a lot of time to the choreo. I'm not a trained dancer, and my physique can sometimes present some challenges, so this is kinda daunting. But I am excited for it.

Anyway. Tonight's finale was... amazing. There are no words. It was hilarious and actually really physical too. I just sat in the audience and laughed hysterically. It used the following song, which Canadians my age and older may remember...

 "Tessa Campinelli? You were fucking Tessa Campinelli?! You're such a bastard!"

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